The CvSU - CCAT Campus Library: For self-sufficient learning through effective services of learning resources that encourage learners to be competitive and upright.


The CvSU - CCAT Campus Library shall provide quality and relevant learning resources to support curricular and co-curricular programs in their instructional, research, and recreational needs that enhance learners’ development in becoming professional, skilled, and morally upright individuals for global competitiveness. 


1. Shall provide accessible, relevant, and up-to-date library collections.

2. Develop innovative quality library services to cater to the needs of the clientele.

3. Strengthen strategic linkages and collaborative partnerships among local and international institutions to address the changing needs of the stakeholders.


1.  Acquire accessible, relevant, and up-to-date library collections continuously.

2.  Utilize appropriate technology to improve library operations and services.

3.  Establish stronger connections with varied library consortia to promote cooperation and greater access in terms of facilities, resources, services, and exchange of publications.

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